The bibliographic search allows retrieving information on the records of this library, listing the volumes, catalographic fields and digital files.

The simplest way is using the Simple search , that will search each one of the terms typed in the following fields: Author, Year, Title, Subject, ISBN, ISSN, Publisher, Series.

Terms are sought in its full form, however it is possible to use the asterisk (*) to look for incomplete terms, so that the serarch in 'brasil*' may find, for example, records containing 'brasil', 'brasilia' and in 'brasileiro'. Double quotation marks can be used to find terms in sequence, so that search "my love" may find records containing the two terms together, but shall not find records such as in the text 'my first love'.

The advanced search provides a higher control on the records traced, allowing, for example, searches by cataloging date or exactly in the desired field.